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Why does the heater not get hot - 2012 Dodge.

One of the most common and inconvenient problems with the Dodge Journey is when it has no heat coming from the heater. Not having a functioning heater makes driving much less comfortable, and can be a sign of certain issues. At the simplest level, there are. No matter how long the truck runs it doesn't. Check the coolant level,it must be full to get proper heat,if not full the coolant won't circulate through the heater core to produce proper heat. both heater hoses from heater core should be VERY HOT to try and hold with. 2012 Dodge Journey Estimates. Steering Gearbox Replacement $620 - $. My dodge avenger RT 2012 has only 40K miles and looks like I am facing the same issue as other Dodge owners. No heat on passenger side !. I am able to get cold air on both sides. when I switch to heat, only driver side gets the heat. Passenger side blows cold air in this setting as well. 26/11/2017 · help i have no heat inside the cabin.ive done some diagnosing and backflushed the heater core and checked the blend doors.i am not getting heat into the heater core and ive been told it could be a stuck open tstat or a plugged oil cooler.09 3.5 sxt 175,000kms. Replied by grg8888 on topic No heat on the passenger side of dodge journey They forgot to plug in the actuator, or they left the old filter jamming up the flap, or they left a screwdriver in there, or the actuator or flap decided to break.

04/11/2017 · original problem was heat on the passengers side and not on the drivers side, switched the heater core hoses to reverse the flow of coolant and now have heat on the drivers side but not on the passengers. Let me tell you my experience. I had a similar problem. My Dodge Journey. 02/03/2014 · I have a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT 2WD 102,000 3.5 engine The car doesn't overheat the tempurature doesn't go over the middle line the coolant is filled up no heat on right side, left side, or rear it will only blow cold the car still runs fine, when I turn the heat on it. 29/12/2015 · I have very little heat coming out driverside but only cold air coming out passanger side and no heat on the floor or back? my car does not over heat but does warm up just no heat.my2010 dodge journey. Dodge Cars & Trucks.

I have a 2010 Dodge Journey with multiple cabin heater problems. No heat on passenger side, and a smell of antifreeze. The mechanic found the heater core was bad and replaced it at a cost of $930.00. The dashboard had to be removed to access the heater core. Then two months later the same problem occurred, no heat on the passenger side. 22/01/2014 · The heat in my dodge journey only works on the drivers side and i am only getting cold air from the passenger side, please help! as it's been freezing for the past few days. Let me tell you my experience.I had a similar problem. My Dodge Journey would.

Dodge Journey Heater Is Not Working? RepairPal will help you figure out whether it's your Heater Blower Motor, Thermostat, Heater Blower Motor Resistor, or something else. 26/10/2014 · Dodge Journey heat control - We were driving, on highway,. We have a heating problem with a 2015 Dodge Journey. There is no heat control. Even at 61 degrees, it blows warm air. I have 2012 dodge journey and heater dont work and my remote either. Why is the heat only working in the drivers side and not the passenger side? 27 Answers. The heat in my dodge journey only works on the drivers side and i am only getting cold air from the passenger side, please help! as it's been freezing for the past few days. I have a Dodge Journey 2012. At first, car would only blow hot air on passenger side. Husband fixed that but now the - Answered by a verified Dodge Mechanic.

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